Your glass is broken: measure the surrounding area of the whole area in which the glass is to be inserted. Take off 5 millimetres from the height and width obtained (so that the glass fits back into the space) and you then have the sizes to be indicated below or on the "Our products" page.

Your glass is cracked (but still a whole piece) : measure the height and width and indicate these sizes below or on the "our products" page.

Make sure that you indicate your sizes in millimetres (reminder: 45.6 cm = 456 mm).


• Remove the screws which hold the glass in place on the door of your fireplace, then remove the glass to be replaced.

• If the glass to be replaced is broken, be careful not to leave any shards in the frame of the door. You should wear gloves when handling broken glass.

• We would advise that you replace the gaskets too (they are automatically on offer after you have chosen your glass when making your order on our site).

• Install the new glass and screw in the screws but do not over-tighten them as an excessive force will be placed on the glass.

• If you have also replaced a seal, leave it to dry for a whole day with the door closed before you re-use your fireplace.

To get an idea of our prices or place an order, indicate the sizes in millimetres of your glass or wooden stove insert:

Height (in mm): Length (in mm):
E.g.: glass 317 x 502 mm (31,7 x 50,2 cm) = € 73,04 (~ £ 61,72)

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